Independent and aligned investment advice.

From one family to another.

About us

Apollinaris is a family-managed investment advisory company with years of experience in wealth management. We provide a bespoke service, focused on investment research. We are unencumbered by traditional wealth management business models and focus on what is best for our clients. After all, our own family is one of those clients.


Aligned & independent

Having worked in the industry, when our Founder took on managing his family’s wealth, he realised how important it was to have a truly aligned wealth manager. He couldn’t find what he was looking for, so we created our own solution: Apollinaris. We primarily recommend investments that we ourselves have significant amounts of our own wealth invested in. We care, because it’s our capital too. 

We are also fiercely independent, and will not compromise that independence. That means zero remuneration from any of the investments we recommend. Our only income is that received from our own family’s investment returns and the fees charged directly, and transparently, to the families we work with.



We spend most of our time and energy finding the most attractive investment options for our clients, because this is where we put our family’s money too. We limit the number of clients we have and the time spent on clients so we can deliver better outcomes: we spend most of our time on research, not sales. 

With our own money on the line, if we don’t think it’s a good long term investment we won’t invest, no matter how in fashion the investment is. We’re not afraid to be different.


Bespoke services

Each family’s risk tolerance and goals are different. We think getting these right is essential for building and sticking to a sustainable investment plan. We’ll work with your specific circumstances, while also applying those core principles we think guide successful investors. 

We work with lawyers, accountants and other specialists to assist you in your structuring, compliance and intergenerational wealth planning.

Our bespoke services

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We are not an investment manager:
investment decisions and ownership of assets stay with you.

Our story

Legend has it that Apollo first discovered the flower Apollinaris, more commonly known as Lily of the Valley. Our Founder’s family has a multigenerational history with the plant world: his ancestors were commercial growers of Lily of the Valley in Europe, his grandparents built their own flower shops, and his parents made medicinal flora widely accessible in New Zealand. 

Today we continue this tradition of growth, learning from our ancestors in tending to the family investment portfolio for our next generation and for yours.

Our Founder has over 10 years’ experience in the investment research and wealth management industries. He started his career at the NZX and then went on to spend a number of years working at Morningstar (one of the world’s leading independent investment research firms) in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. He returned home from Asia in 2015 to lead the sale of his family’s operating business. Unable to find the ideal wealth management solution for his family, he decided to start his own family office. He expanded to advising other families in 2018.

Independent and aligned investment advice.
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